Suiting up for Fall

There are a couple things I cannot live without. Red lipstick, a killer blazer, a pop of gingham and a strong cup of coffee. This fall I'm suiting up with J Crew. J Crew is the one brand I anticipate their fall line release the most. The continuous google search, refresh of until the day finally comes. Their fall line is finally accessible to the public. Last week, I took a stroll down to the Marin Mart suited up in my everyday chambray shirt and Dover blazer.... 

Fall Favorites 2017

Pop of gingham...check. Perfect fall foliage wreath for your front door...check. Delicious pumpkin spiced pecan cake...check, check, check. This inspiration is all you need for a cozy and scrumptious fall weekend at home. This roundup is inspired by all my fall decor, style, and home favorites. Crafted by yours truly. So on dive into my fall favorites for a little inspiration to help spice up your autumn style. 

Sit on the porch and sip on this festive cocktail

It's that magical time of year when the leaves start to fall, pumpkin spice lattes have made their infamous return and JCrew comes out with their much-anticipated fall collection. Three of my favorite reminders that fall is upon us. Thank goodness.In the name of this seasons arrival, Torrey and I wanted to create a festive but strong drink for the occasion. The cinnamon dipped rim, apple slice and cinnamon sticks add for the perfect fall cocktail.

Gaga for Gingham

I've been gaga over gingham for as long as I can remember. From gingham shoes to purses, dresses to bathing suits and even my love has spilled over into my San Francisco apartment with gingham pillows to blankets. My obsession with gingham is a real one.  There is something about the check that comes off as classic as polka dots or stripes. I just love it. To justify my obsession, the experts at Pinterest released their latest trend guide and searches for gingham are up 100% from last year. I'd like to think I was a solid percentage of those searches. As my style evolves with age, I notice tendencies of gravitating towards preppier looks. Gingham most certainly is tied to the preppy family however there are ways to suit it up towards an edgier style. With that, I'm rounding up gingham in every style category. For the love of gingham I give you gingham everything. 

A Pretty Way To Say Farewell to Summer

When life gives you lemons, throw a lemon-inspired party, like the one Jen Nordine from Freckles on Fillmore created for a ‘Farewell Summer’ soirée in San Francisco. From the lemon-inspired florals and décor to the delicious food and drink options, no detail was left unturned at this fun gathering. At the end of reading about this party, we’re confident you will either be inspired to organize and host your own outdoor party this fall or yearn for a cold glass of lemonade (or both!). Either way, we’re sure you’ll learn a thing or two to help enhance your next gathering—whether it’s set in the summer or any season of the year. See all of the details of the sweet lemon-inspired soirée below!

4 Reasons on Why I DryBar

The DryBar has become a beauty phenomenon that’s transformed the hair care market. I first sat down in a DryBar chair in 2013, right around the time I was starting my first job out of college. In preparation for Oracle OpenWorld, I needed the hair to look good. I'd heard of the DryBar through my sister who lived in Los Angeles at the time and blowouts were just becoming a "thing". At that point, the DryBar had around 30 salons or so, most in California. Fast forward to today, over 200+ appointments in my back pocket later, the DryBar has nearly 80+ salons across the U.S., with planned openings in Canada and Europe. DryBar is on track to take in over $100 million in revenue (I’d like to think I helped get them to this milestone) and as if that weren’t enough, since they branched out with a successful line of custom-designed blow dryers, brushes and an equally successful line of hair care products sold nationwide through Sephora and Nordstrom. The DryBar has become a beauty empire and here is why:  

San Francisco Fall

With fall around the corner, one consistent trend that hasn’t really left is off the shoulder tops. As we transition to crisper cooler months, expect colder weather versions - chunky cable knits, wools, and silk blends. I love the slouchy look and personally think they look even better with one shoulder covered. The trick to finding the right off the shoulder for cooler weather is think fall - dark colors, cozy sweater or more lux fabrics like silk. I’ve rounded up some off the shoulder sweaters below as we transition into the 2017 fall season...

JCrew Fall Transition

With September’s arrival and Labor Day passing, it means fall is on the horizon. This summer went by too fast but while the rest of the country may be cooling down and fall is in full effect, in San Francisco this means Indian Summer is here...

Indian Summer Gingham

Our Indian Summer has arrived in San Francisco. The one time of year where the temperature goes from an average of 65. This year we hit an all time record of 106 degrees. That's 106 degrees in foggy, chilly northern California, where late-summer temperatures are usually never above 70. The 106-degree day broke a record for all-time hottest temperature in San Francisco in recorded history or at least 143 years. ..

How to Host a Simple Wine and Cheese Party

With the days getting longer and warmer one thing is for sure... Spring is in the air! Inspired by the sight of fresh blooms, green grass, and bright skies, this time of year is the perfect time for entertaining. With everything being full of life, we were motivated to plan an intimate Sonoma Inspired grown-up gathering. For the wine and cheese lovers be sure to check out the photos below, and read on for more... He(Art) Wall that #StartedWithAScreenshot

Over the last year has driven $1 billion dollars in sales for retail and brand partners from influencers. Which means they are doing something right! And quite honestly it took me some time to realize what exactly purpose was. Whoops, sorry guys! A couple years back I would see it popping up on Instagram. Eventually, I did some digging to realize what it was and how it could benefit myself as a consumer and as a blogger...

The Saguaro

A beloved quintessential Palm Springs hotel, the vibrant Saguaro.  A 1970’s Holiday Inn turned rainbow desert resort. The ultimate color splash hotel. Known for its weekend pool parties and refreshing cocktails. The colors scream fun in the fun spring break, Bachelorette or Coachella style...

Introvert Girl Gang

This post is dedicated to all my introverted gals. Like me, given the choice, you’ll apply your energy to an intimate group of folks you care about most, you love and you thoroughly appreciate being around...

East Coast West Coast Style

The other night over dinner with friends, we discussed our individual styles and what defines each one we chose to sport. The consensus for me was easy going but preppy. East Coast with a West coast flare. While both looks are quintessentially American they are different for obvious reasons .... due to geography, season and culture which shape the style preference and looks.

The Ace Hotel

For those looking for a fun social stay in Palm Springs, I'd recommend the Ace Hotel. Whether you are poolside, enjoying some grub at the diner or drinks in the Amigo Room, the Ace Hotel is nonetheless quite the Instagram-worthy hipster scene ....

San Francisco Stripes

Summer is here. Cue beach time, wine country, picnics and BBQs and Carnival trips. I’m particularly excited to mesh more stripes into my wardrobe during the summer time. There is one thing I can get enough of during summer… stripes!

6 Simple Beach Essentials

Packing up for the day on the beach? Heading out to enjoy poolside? Or a day boating on the lake? Finding the right items to cart to the water and stow in your tote is kinda high on the priority list (ahem SPF). I’ve rounded up everything you’ll need on a budget for some summer fun by the water minus wifi. Don’t forget to pack these must-haves. 

Your Weeknight Dinner Solution

Convenience in this day and age is everything. Having the convenience of a healthy meal plan put together ingredients pre-measured out to my door is an everything I’ve ever wanted. As a busy working gal, I have no issue getting help when I need it and in the kitchen - there is a need for healthier food, less stress and more time back. HelloFresh does just that for me. Truth be told with no direction I'm actually a terrible cook and rarely do because of bandwidth but surprisingly have churned out 3 gourmet style meals in less than an hour. Here is why I’m recommending HelloFresh to my friends, family…

That Pink Door

Palm Springs is hands down one of the best places on the planet. I’d like to speak on behalf of all of us… we are all slightly obsessed. I don’t think one can get over the perfectly lined palm trees, vibrant pops of colors, mid-century modern architecture, and that desert heat. My mom and I’s favorite pastime on any given Sunday in the desert is looking at open houses. And why should that change while on vacation especially when visiting Palm Springs the mecca for mod architecture. For all our design enthusiasts, take a stroll down Kings Way, Alhambra Drive, E Sierra Blvd and feast your eyes on the beautiful doors of Palm Springs, and that pink door is one you don’t want to miss (E Sierra Blvd). 

House of Harlow Polka Dots

Personal style is sometimes something that is hard to define. My style is constantly evolving as I mature. That combined with new seasons and trends. I still am drawn to the same fundamentals, classic style with a tomboy flare, but I’m more willing lately to try something new or different that I would have never dared to go for in the past...