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Hi there, My name is Jen. I’m a 5th generation San Franciscan and a blogger + introverted extrovert who made the jump out of a career in technology to pursue a more intentional, happy and inspired life. I have an infinite love for pretty things, interesting people and am a sucker for an intense workout. Most days you’ll find me in yoga pants and probably running across the streets of San Francisco to say hi to a dog. My background is in business mixed with a love of pretty things turned my career path in the direction of a lifestyle blogger. I thrive off of happy kind hearted people, Barry’s Bootcamp and an iced coffee. I'm the type of person who still gets warm fuzzies by smell of a box of crayons and find immense joy in making others happy. I'm no published author, just a freckled gal from San Francisco who loves coming home and having a creative outlet to share her passions with the world. My biggest goal is to inspire women to reach for their dreams, to become their own style icon, to transform into the healthiest version of themselves and all in all to help make someone's day a little brighter! My secondary goal in life is to go on every ride at Disneyland. Freckles on Fillmore is where I share my heart, my passions, my journey. My goal is to inspire and be inspired, to teach, to learn and to connect. I hope to meet you all and I’d love to work together.


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