Fleet Week

Anchors Away San Francisco

Last week was Fleet Week here in San Francisco and for those of you who have watched the infamous Sex and the City Episode "Anchors Away" here is some history.

Fleet Week is an 81 year old celebration of the Navy Sea Services, which is made up of our United States Navy, Marine Corps & Coast Guard. A tradition where active ships dock in cities like New York, San Diego and San Francisco. for a free public event that honors the services of our armed forces and gives the public the opportunity to meet and sometimes drink with the Sailors and Marines. Fleet Week in SF attracts over 1 million people to watch the airshow across the Marina Green waterfront and for those that live in San Francisco proper, you'll see people perched on roof tops all across the city to watch the air show.

Every October the Blue Angel's roar over SF and the Golden Gate Bridge. Incredible to see their formations and maneuvers, which is a good reminder of the ricks our military ensure everyday for our freedom. In my opinion, two miracles in life are babies being born and planes flying. This show is really something else.  

fleet week fof
fleet week fof

Tips from a local

If you are planning on attending Fleet Week in San Francisco next year here are suggestions:

  1. Find a rooftop to watch the airshow. I'd recommend getting an Airb&b in the Marina. Here is an option with a rooftop.
  2. If you can't find a rooftop as as close to the water as possible. Anywhere on the waterfront between the Ferry Building and the Golden Gate Bridge.
  3. Bring summer & winter clothing. This year it was 80 degrees out however last year was sweatshirt weather. Come prepared! 
  4. Dress in theme with a sailor hat or nautical colors for the event. Here are a few cute options... Michael Stars, Rag & Bone and Finders Keepers Top & Romper (ON SALE!).
  5. Check the schedule for ship tours, airshow & other events here. The airshow runs typically Saturday - Sunday from 12-4pm and the Blue Angels are on 3-4pm. You'll notice them practicing Thursday and Friday. 

For more suggestions feel free to reach out to me directly anytime. More than happy to help!

fleet week fof

Outfit Details

fleet week fof
fleet week fof

Until next year Fleet Week....