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I came across Doughbies last year at work. Someone received a special cookie delivery to their desk and I was intrigued. After stealing a bite there was no going back. I went back for the rest of the cookie and Doughbies stole my heart right then and there. Doughbies is a San Francisco-based company that delivers baked treats in a moment's notice Monday through Friday across the city. These cookies are not only notorious for being uber scrumptious but they are on-demand. Yummy freshly baked cookies to your doorstep, office or gifted to a friend or family member in under 20 minutes. Everything is handmade by their local culinary team and delivery at the speed of light. And luckily for you, this week we've teamed up with Doughbies for the ultimate cookie giveaway - a dozen cookies delivered to your door - you can enter below!

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What to Order

The Sprinkled Cookie - I'm more of a chocolate chip cookie gal but this sprinkled sugar cookie takes the cake. It's soft, moist and unbelievably delicious. 

The Chocolate Chip Salt Cookie  - "The Baseball of baked goods - the American Classic." - Owner of Doughbies

In light of Valentine's Day, why not share the love and send a friend, cowered or loved one some treats. Click here to share the love. Or if you're a little cookie monster like myself be sure to download the Mobile Doughbies App for quickly and easy ordering on the go. What's your favorite cookie? 

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