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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Jen, a freckled writer of this journal of sorts. I have a deep love for good people, fitness and pieces of life that make you smile. I chase my passion everyday by empowering women with style, fitness and day-to-day inspiration. Here is where I share tidbits of my life and things that inspire me. Read more about me, here. 

Girls night out in Santa Monica

Girls night out in Santa Monica

Vamos a la playa 


Coming off of a busy & stressful week we traveled down to LA to visit my little sister. Kicked off the day with some Beaming Smoothies. All vegan and gluten free! Yipee! Following our morning, we hit Muscle Beach and squeezed in a quick workout before heading back to get ready for our evening. We spent our Saturday night on the beach near the water in Santa Monica. As the saying goes saltwater cures all wounds and that it sure did - including all my battle wounds from a long weeks work. Gotta love that ocean breeze and salty air that comes with Santa Monica. Something about being near the water certainly has some sort of magic on ya. 

Getting Ready 

First stop Dry Bar... we swung by the Dry Bar in Santa Monica and got our hair washed, styled and perfected by the amazing women there (I loved Nike). Top products we approve of include the Sheriff HairSpray - your hair ain't going anywhere, the Sparking Soda - this stuff smells amazing and the Texas Tea - which will sure give you that Texas volume hair.  Following we had an amazing experience with BeGlammed. Think on-demand beauty (hair, make up - the works). Artists Ally Barr, Jesua Olvera & Ramona Comon came by my sister's apartment and glammed us up! We certainly were not complaining about the experience. It was heavenly. These artists are amazing at what they do!  


Places to MingLe

If you are ever on a weekend trip to LA here are a few places we'd recommend you hit up: 

  • The Bungalow - "It's kinda like being at a house party of a kid with really cool parents"
  • The Huntley Penthouse - Step out of the house party into a Housewives of Beverly Hills penthouse. You gotta stop here even if it's for a quick cocktail. It's known for it's panoramic views , beach cabanas and open sky enclaves! 
  • Pump West Hollywood - "Sexy garden restaurant" - great spot to grab food and drinks. The ambiance was great and it starts to get rowdy around 10ish which made for perfect entertainment. 


Mario Masitti -- The amazing Mario captured some rare moments with my  friend Brookyln and my little sister Kelly. He taught us a thing or two about the "drunk wobble" and we giggled our way through the shoot. 

A perfect weekend getaway in Calistoga

A perfect weekend getaway in Calistoga

The "28 Minute Workout"

The "28 Minute Workout"