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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Jen, a freckled writer of this journal of sorts. I have a deep love for good people, fitness and pieces of life that make you smile. I chase my passion everyday by empowering women with style, fitness and day-to-day inspiration. Here is where I share tidbits of my life and things that inspire me. Read more about me, here. 

My Blue Suede Shoes

My Blue Suede Shoes

Honey, don't step on my blue suede shoes

In memory of the king, I kicked on these blue suede lace up heels and boy are they fun! I'm a big fan of buying shoes I know I'll love forever and that will eventually come back into style, even if it's 30 years down the line. My future daughter(s) will hopefully thank me one day. I love the attitude and "blue jean" color these kicks bring to the table. These beauts are from the one and only Schutz Shoes line and yes, they are on sale! 


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Outfit Details

Tulle Pink Skirt - other options here & here.

Blue Boyfriend Shirt - other options here and a Rails version here.

My Blue Suede Shoes - more options here, here and a great fall option here

Tip & Trick

These lace ups tend to fall if you don't tie them tight enough or if there is any weight on the end of the lace/wrap. If the material is heavier I'd recommend wrapping closer to the bottom of the ankle if you find it's buggin ya! Confession -I cut the tassel off of mine. I know "the horror" but it lifted the weight off the wrap so those suckers stayed around my calves! If you are on the hunt for some suede shoes - I've found more fall inspired for you to dip your toe into. Click through some of my picks below! 

Thanks for stopping by Freckles on Fillmore cool people. Enough about my shoes, can you do me a favor and share your favorite heels? Whether it's in the comment section below or if you tag me on instagram [@jennifernordine] with your all time favorite kicks - I'd seriously love to see what you all love!  

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